Documentation of SFML 1.6

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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oNBlendEnumerate the blending modes for drawable objects
|oNJoyDefinition of joystick axis for joystick events
|oNKeyDefinition of key codes for keyboard events
|oNMouseDefinition of button codes for mouse events
|oNStyleEnumeration of window creation styles
|oCAudioResourceAbstract base class for every class that owns a device-dependant resource – allow them to initialize / shutdown even when the audio context is not created
|oCListenerListener is a global interface for defining the audio listener properties ; the audio listener is the point in the scene from where all the sounds are heard
|oCMusicMusic defines a big sound played using streaming, so usually what we call a music :)
|oCSoundSound defines the properties of a sound such as position, volume, pitch, etc
|oCSoundBufferSoundBuffer is the low-level for loading and manipulating sound buffers
|oCSoundBufferRecorderSpecialized SoundRecorder which saves the captured audio data into a sound buffer
|oCSoundRecorderSoundRecorder is an interface for capturing sound data, it is meant to be used as a base class
|oCSoundStreamSoundStream is a streamed sound, ie samples are acquired while the sound is playing
||\CChunkStructure defining a chunk of audio data to stream
|oCColorColor is an utility class for manipulating 32-bits RGBA colors
|oCDrawableAbstract base class for every object that can be drawn into a render window
|oCFontFont is the low-level class for loading and manipulating character fonts
|oCGlyphStructure describing a glyph (a visual character)
|oCImageImage is the low-level class for loading and manipulating images
|oCMatrix3Utility class to manipulate 3x3 matrices representing 2D transformations
|oCPostFXPostFX is used to apply a post effect to a window
|oCRectRect is an utility class for manipulating rectangles
|oCRenderTargetBase class for all render targets (window, image, ...)
|oCRenderWindowSimple wrapper for sf::Window that allows easy 2D rendering
|oCShapeShape defines a drawable convex shape ; it also defines helper functions to draw simple shapes like lines, rectangles, circles, etc
|oCSpriteSprite defines a sprite : texture, transformations, color, and draw on screen
|oCStringString defines a graphical 2D text, that can be drawn on screen
|oCViewThis class defines a view (position, size, etc.) ; you can consider it as a 2D camera
|oCFtpThis class provides methods for manipulating the FTP protocol (described in RFC 959)
||oCDirectoryResponseSpecialization of FTP response returning a directory
||oCListingResponseSpecialization of FTP response returning a filename lisiting
||\CResponseThis class wraps a FTP response, which is basically :
|oCHttpThis class provides methods for manipulating the HTTP protocol (described in RFC 1945)
||oCRequestThis class wraps an HTTP request, which is basically :
||\CResponseThis class wraps an HTTP response, which is basically :
|oCIPAddressIPAddress provides easy manipulation of IP v4 addresses
|oCPacketPacket wraps data to send / to receive through the network
|oCSelectorSelector allow reading from multiple sockets without blocking
|oCSelectorBasePrivate base class for selectors
|oCSocketTCPSocketTCP wraps a socket using TCP protocol to send data safely (but a bit slower)
|oCSocketUDPSocketUDP wraps a socket using UDP protocol to send data fastly (but with less safety)
|oCSocketHelperThis class defines helper functions to do all the non-portable socket stuff
|oCClockClock is an utility class for manipulating time
|oCLockLock is an exception-safe automatic wrapper for locking and unlocking mutexes
|oCNonCopyableUtility base class to easily declare non-copyable classes
|oCRandomizerRandomizer is an utility class for generating pseudo-random numbers
|oCResourceBase class for every resource that needs to notify dependent classes about its destruction
|oCResourcePtrSafe pointer to a T resource (inheriting from sf::Resource<T>), its pointer is automatically reseted when the resource is destroyed
|oCUnicodeProvides utility functions to convert from and to any unicode and ASCII encoding
||\CTextThis class is an abstract definition of a unicode text, it can be converted from and to any kind of string and encoding
|oCVector2Vector2 is an utility class for manipulating 2 dimensional vectors
|oCVector3Vector3 is an utility class for manipulating 3 dimensional vectors
|oCMutexMutex defines a mutex (MUTual EXclusion) object, that allows a thread to lock critical instructions to avoid simultaneous access with other threads
|oCThreadThread defines an easy way to manipulate a thread
|oCContextClass wrapping an OpenGL context
|oCEventEvent defines a system event and its parameters
||oCJoyButtonEventJoystick buttons events parameters
||oCJoyMoveEventJoystick axis move event parameters
||oCKeyEventKeyboard event parameters
||oCMouseButtonEventMouse buttons events parameters
||oCMouseMoveEventMouse move event parameters
||oCMouseWheelEventMouse wheel events parameters
||oCSizeEventSize events parameters
||\CTextEventText event parameters
|oCInputInput handles real-time input from keyboard and mouse
|oCVideoModeVideoMode defines a video mode (width, height, bpp, frequency) and provides static functions for getting modes supported by the display device
|oCWindowWindow is a rendering window ; it can create a new window or connect to an existing one
|oCWindowListenerBase class for classes that want to receive events from a window (for internal use only)
|\CWindowSettingsStructure defining the creation settings of windows