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sf::Http::Request Class Reference

Define a HTTP request. More...

#include <SFML/Network/Http.hpp>

Public Types

enum  Method {
  Get , Post , Head , Put ,
 Enumerate the available HTTP methods for a request. More...

Public Member Functions

 Request (const std::string &uri="/", Method method=Get, const std::string &body="")
 Default constructor.
void setField (const std::string &field, const std::string &value)
 Set the value of a field.
void setMethod (Method method)
 Set the request method.
void setUri (const std::string &uri)
 Set the requested URI.
void setHttpVersion (unsigned int major, unsigned int minor)
 Set the HTTP version for the request.
void setBody (const std::string &body)
 Set the body of the request.


class Http

Detailed Description

Define a HTTP request.

Definition at line 54 of file Http.hpp.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Method

Enumerate the available HTTP methods for a request.


Request in get mode, standard method to retrieve a page.


Request in post mode, usually to send data to a page.


Request a page's header only.


Request in put mode, useful for a REST API.


Request in delete mode, useful for a REST API.

Definition at line 62 of file Http.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Request()

sf::Http::Request::Request ( const std::string &  uri = "/",
Method  method = Get,
const std::string &  body = "" 

Default constructor.

This constructor creates a GET request, with the root URI ("/") and an empty body.

uriTarget URI
methodMethod to use for the request
bodyContent of the request's body

Member Function Documentation

◆ setBody()

void sf::Http::Request::setBody ( const std::string &  body)

Set the body of the request.

The body of a request is optional and only makes sense for POST requests. It is ignored for all other methods. The body is empty by default.

bodyContent of the body

◆ setField()

void sf::Http::Request::setField ( const std::string &  field,
const std::string &  value 

Set the value of a field.

The field is created if it doesn't exist. The name of the field is case-insensitive. By default, a request doesn't contain any field (but the mandatory fields are added later by the HTTP client when sending the request).

fieldName of the field to set
valueValue of the field

◆ setHttpVersion()

void sf::Http::Request::setHttpVersion ( unsigned int  major,
unsigned int  minor 

Set the HTTP version for the request.

The HTTP version is 1.0 by default.

majorMajor HTTP version number
minorMinor HTTP version number

◆ setMethod()

void sf::Http::Request::setMethod ( Method  method)

Set the request method.

See the Method enumeration for a complete list of all the availale methods. The method is Http::Request::Get by default.

methodMethod to use for the request

◆ setUri()

void sf::Http::Request::setUri ( const std::string &  uri)

Set the requested URI.

The URI is the resource (usually a web page or a file) that you want to get or post. The URI is "/" (the root page) by default.

uriURI to request, relative to the host

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

◆ Http

friend class Http

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